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Addressing bias in appraisals

Fair Market Appraisals

Addressing bias in appraisals is an important aspect of ensuring fairness and equity in various domains, including government organizations. I can provide some general strategies and initiatives that governments may undertake to prevent bias in appraisals. It's essential to check for updates or specific initiatives implemented by your local government.

Training and Awareness Programs: Governments may conduct training programs to educate employees and managers about unconscious bias, stereotypes, and the potential impact on performance appraisals. This training aims to increase awareness and promote fair and unbiased evaluations.

Clear Evaluation Criteria: Establishing clear and transparent evaluation criteria helps minimize subjectivity and bias. Governments can develop standardized performance metrics, competency frameworks, and objective criteria to guide the appraisal process.

Calibration and Consistency: To mitigate bias, governments may implement calibration sessions or review panels where multiple evaluators come together to ensure consistency in ratings and address potential bias.

I have completed close to 11,000 appraisals during my 30+ years as an appraiser and i have never had an issue with bias.

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